SAy YEs to the Unknown

Tribe of Dreamers is the love child of Annie Walker of Sonder Goods and Jen Boschma of Boschma fine jewelry.

Jen and Annie met by chance back in 2014 while Jen was on a blind date at a local Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles. When her date left the table she made small talk with the girl with the cute necklace sitting next to her, Annie, and the rest is history. 

Tribe of Dreamers started as an inspirational jewelry line that supported various non-profits around the world and helped raise money for international disaster relief aid, schools in war torn nations and anti-trafficking awareness to name a few. Tribe lead both Annie and Jen to their current passion projects, and was the perfect training ground to propel them into the next chapter of product development. 

The pair still share the same heartbeat for encouraging people to use what they love to end what they hate, and are committed to keeping Tribe as a story telling space to highlight those who are doing just that.

For more updates please join us on Instagram @wearetribeofdreamers